The Ontario Construction Company Limited

Incorporated in 1923, The Ontario Construction Company Limited operates today as a third generation marine and heavy construction contractor. The company's first contract, in 1923,  was to construct a section of the Welland Ship Canal at St. Catharines.  We are the only canal contractor from that era still continuing in operation today. Our marine and heavy construction contracting business has been in operation for almost 90 years.

As marine and heavy construction contractors, we work throughout Ontario for a diversified clientele, sometimes in a variety of remote locations and under diversified, unusual working conditions. Our crews, all consisting of long term employees, are well experienced with our marine and heavy construction specialties.

We maintain a modern, speciallized equipment fleet of heavy duty construction and marine plant which compliments our construction specialties.  All of our equipment including marine plant is fully road transportable.

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The Ontario Construction Company Limited
Marine and Heavy Construction, Equipment Rentals since 1923